Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mother Drags Her Son From Baltimore Riots After Seeing Him On TV Throwing Rocks At Cops (Video)

Many in Baltimore have been protesting and rioting over the murder of innocent man, Freddie Gray, who was illegally detained and killed while in the custody of several police officers. The Judiciary Report is in favor of peaceful protests, as opposed to rioting and looting. Many feel the same. For example Toya Graham, a mother of six, who was watching television during the Baltimore riots on Monday. While watching television she spotted her 16-year-old son wearing a mask and throwing rocks at police officers. This was very dangerous.

Graham went to the riots and retrieved her son from the crowd by force, pulling him by his sweater and slapping him. The story made headlines all over the country as has been featured on many news reports. Graham explained she did not want her son to become "another Freddie Gray" killed by police.