Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Mike Brown Mocked In Death Again As Memorial Tree Defaced

Michael Brown

Last December select cops in Ferguson, Missouri mocked a memorial to slain, unarmed local teenager Mike Brown, after he was gunned down officer Darren Wilson. Locals had placed cards, flowers and teddy bears at the site of the shooting as a memorial, which led to a callous cop calling it "a pile of trash." Once again, Ferguson police were showing Brown disrespect.

Michael Brown memorial tree dedication:

Michael Brown memorial tree cut down and defaced:

This month, a memorial tree was dedicated to Brown and by the next day it was defaced. Once again, Brown was disrespected in death. This lack of respect for human life is troubling. Everyone is entitled to live their life and in peace. We are all somebody. To treat others as anything less than human is an offense and insult to humanity and all that is decent and good in this world.