Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Lil Wayne Orders Security To Brutally Punch A Concertgoer In Florida Night Club (Video)

Photos and video of Lil Wayne and his security reveal the drug addled rapper instructed a member of his team to viciously punch a clubgoer repeatedly, for flashing a mobile phone sign. Lil Wayne was hours late to his show at Revolution night club in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is located close to Miami, which created the problem.

The audience became annoyed with the rapper’s tardiness. The clubgoer in question initially flashed a mobile phone sign that stated “Shut the f**k up and put on Weezy.” After a long wait time he changed the sign to, “F**k Weezy.” He was beaten shortly after.

Lil Wayne pointing a clubgoer right before his security attacked the man

It is the Judiciary Report's view that the clubgoer should retain an attorney and sue Lil Wayne over the attack. Yes, the phone display was rude, but it is covered by Freedom of Speech laws under the Constitution. Wayne wouldn't want anyone beating him or his offspring, yet he had someone's son beaten in what could result in neurological problems down the road, from being forcefully and repeatedly hit in the head.