Monday, February 16, 2015

Kevin Hart Gets Manhandled By 14-Year-Old Mo'Ne Davis During NBA Celebrity All Star Game (Video)

Kevin Hart was the star of the NBA Celebrity All Star Game, delivering the laughs. Kevin's performance on the court included clawing, scratching, screaming, plenty of side eye and yelling at refs. Kevin even tried to run over a 14-year-old girl on the court. It was true sportsmanship (LOL). Dignity just out the window.

Kevin Hart's only dignified moment during the entire game

Kevin played for the East. He was guarded by super talented 14-year-old female athlete Mo'Ne Davis...who is average height...yet was still taller than Kevin. Mo'Ne manhandled Kevin. Mo'Ne brushed Kevin out the way like he was a little mosquito buzzing under the rim. That's right girl. Teach that little pint sized Eddie Murphy a lesson.

Mike Golic trying to take the trophy from Kevin Hart. That's the white Kanye (LOL).

Despite Kevin's best efforts, the West won. Yet, Kevin won MVP. Meanwhile I'm watching the show thinking MVP must not mean Most Valuable Player anymore and now stands for Most Valuable Pipsqueak (kidding). Kevin's acceptance speech was hilarious. Kevin was interrupted by ESPN's Mike Golic, who correctly concluded he should not have won MVP.

Kevin getting pimp slapped by a 14-year-old (Mo'Ne Davis)

Golic tried to snatch the trophy from Kevin, in what he branded "A Kanye moment" telling him "You don't get this." Kevin pulled the race card over the undeserved MVP, informing Golic, who is white, that "It's black history month. Let this happen." Then Kevin compared himself to basketball greats Lebron and Kobe. 

Look at Mo'Ne behind Kevin with that "I'm gonna beat him down in the parking lot and take my trophy" look on her face

Kevin in an emotional moment after winning MVP (you know everyone who voted for him was probably related to him)

Kevin retiring from basketball stating "I can't do anymore" (LOL)

Kevin's Kobe/Lebron moment

Side Bar: Mo'Ne Davis is such a talented athlete. She plays baseball and basketball so well. She is also photogenic. With the right career guidance she could become a big star.

Side Bar 2: I know I teased Kevin Hart a lot in this article, but he is truly a funny comedian. His expressions are priceless. Not to mention, it takes a big man to turn jokes about his height into a multi-million dollar fortune. You're a good sport.