Thursday, February 12, 2015

CAA Drops Roc Nation Sports Due To Athletes Avoiding Jay Z's Fledgling Company

Jay Z

Recently, rapper Jay Z fancied himself a sports agent and manager, but things are not going the way he planned. Jay Z, real name Shawn Carter, started Roc Nation Sports and signed three athletes. He also inked a deal with powerhouse company CAA, as leagues were creating rules aimed at keeping the dangerously ignorant novice out.

After 2-years, CAA has broken ties with Roc Nation Sports, dropping the company as an inexperienced start up that is a liability. Jay Z does not have the manpower, experience or intellect to be a sports manager and or agent and is experimenting with people's careers. Jay Z is dispensing bad advice and promising athletes the world, in claims he is not equipped or able to deliver.

Recently, several top boxers turned down Jay Z's offers to join Roc Nation (Adrien Broner, Deontay Wilder and five other top pugilists). Many other athletes in several sports have passed on the company as well. It is a vanity project with no real foundation. You can't play with people's careers like that, especially in sports, where athletes have a limited time frame to achieve their dreams and secure their finances.

Jay Z has helped to destroy the music industry with illegal tactics such as criminal copyright infringement, payola, chart rigging and sales scams to inflate record sales which were caught and condemned by Soundscan (nevermind he's still doing it). Music industry sales are at an all time low.

Now, mentally deficient Jay Z has greedily turned his attention to the sports industry and has been illegally operating outside the rules of several leagues. This is a poor and disgraceful business model only employed by criminals and will undoubtedly do damage to the sports industry as well.

The New York Post quoted Robert Tuchman of GoViva sports marketing, who stated of the CAA and Roc Nation split, "If you're any type of client, the smart thing to do is to stick with the most powerful agencies, CAA and IMG. It's much  harder for people who are trying to build a business on their own by representing two or three people."

This is something the Judiciary Report has emphasized in past articles regarding hiring experienced, established  managers and agents (What Managers, Coaches And Trainers Look For In Athletes and Adrien Broner Apologizes To Jay Z And Rihanna For Profane Tirade But Does Not Retract His Claims About Them and In Boxing The Right Team Can Make All The Difference In The World).

Don't unintentionally damage your career by hiring an inexperienced upstart, who does not know the business. This is your career, which impacts your life and finances. Don't mess with it hiring inexperienced, greedy people seeking to exploit you for financial and social gain. You only have a few set years playing sports. Hire the best manager and agents you can, who have the most legitimate contacts and connections with big corporations, to maximize your revenues and expand your brand.