Wednesday, January 14, 2015

CNN Anchor Nancy Grace And Rapper 2 Chainz Get Into It On The Air (Video)

CNN anchor, attorney, Nancy Grace interviewed fellow Atlantan,  rapper, 2 Chainz. The two had a heated discussion about the legalization of marijuana in America. Grace is against the legalization of marijuana, while 2 Chainz is in favor of it. Grace cited the case of a couple whose toddler died in a fire while they were high on marijuana and not supervising the child properly. She also took 2 Chainz to task over his explicit, misogynistic lyrics.

Nancy Grace and 2 Chainz 

Rappers do not understand the extent of the influence they have on impressionable members of the public. I know a lady whose son got caught up in Tupac and other rapper's "thug life" music and philosophy and it led him into a life of crime in trying to live like his favorite rappers. He is now serving 18-years in prison. Artists need to be careful what they record in their lyrics and post to social networking. Many impressionable people trying to live like rappers with flashy cars, mansions and designer clothes they see in videos and on social networking, are taking their violent, crime laden lyrics seriously and doing the same.