Friday, December 5, 2014

Public Protests On Behalf Of 90-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested Three Times For Feeding The Homeless

Arnold Abbott

90-year-old chef, World War II veteran and civil rights activist, Arnold Abbott, who has been feeding the homeless for many years, has become the victim of a new ordinance in the South Florida city of Fort Lauderdale, which neighbors Miami. People in Fort Lauderdale are no longer allowed to feed the homeless in public places. It must be done in a building sanctioned by the city.

For many years, Abbott, a Christian, has been feeding the homeless hearty meals he cooks, even ordering them pizza from restaurants. He also runs a culinary school teaching the homeless how to cook and find jobs. Many have spoken up in favor of Albert. Even the police look embarrassed to cite Abbott and two local preachers who are helping his effort. However, police are acting on the orders of local lawmakers. Each citation carries a fine of $500 and up to two months in jail. Abbott successfully fought a similar ban in 1999. Protests have been held in support of Abbott.

If Arnold is jailed on one of these citations, the Judiciary Report will start an online campaign on this site, encouraging the public to vote out every single lawmaker responsible for the ordinance. Each lawmaker responsible for the ordinance will be listed by name on this site in the lead up to the local elections, with the request the public vote for your rival (and if I do the online campaign right, you guys will be homeless and need Arnold's food *tongue in cheek statement*).

In all seriousness, being homeless is a terrible thing for many. Do not penalize the people trying to help the homeless. It's cruel. There are so many problems plaguing society. Picking on and arresting a 90-year-old man, who has been feeding the homeless for decades, is wrong and should not be a priority. That's not what you were elected to do and the people of South Florida and many more all over the country are not with you in targeting him, wasting taxpayer money.