Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Florida State University Football Player Jameis Winston Cleared Of Rape

Jameis Winston (right)

Former Florida Supreme Court justice, Major Harding, found Florida State University football player, James Winston, not guilty of committing rape or violating school rules. Erica Kinsman, who tried to extort $7,000,000 from the college football star, accused Winston of rape, but due to the many holes in her story, not only did prosecutors declined to charge Winston in a criminal court of law, now Harding has cleared him in a school inquiry as well. 

Erica Kinsman (left)

Witnesses saw Kinsman, willingly enter Winston's bedroom with him, with one even catching her willingly performing oral sex on him. When they were interrupted, she laughed and ordered Winston's friend to leave and close the bedroom door. It was known on campus that she was cheating with Winston, who has a girlfriend, while Kinsman had a boyfriend as well. 

Patricia Caroll 

Kinsman and her aunt, lawyer, Patricia Caroll, have sought to make millions off Winston, from what he and others present in his apartment that night, stated was consensual sex between two adults. These misdeeds have damaged Winston's name and career, in acts that are unfair and unacceptable. Worst of all, Kinsman's actions makes it difficult for real rape victims to be believed. There should be legal penalties, including jail time, for lying about being raped.