Saturday, November 29, 2014

Lil Fizz's Mean Ex-Girlfriend Amanda Secor Says He's On Welfare And Sleeping In A Bed With Roaches And Ants


Amanda Secor and Lil Fizz. She resents Fizz trying to get her to help him with his little son Kameron.

Rapper, Lil Fizz, formerly of the R&B boy band, B2K, who currently stars on “Love And Hip Hop Hollywood” was the subject of a jealous and mean online tirade, by ex-girlfriend, Amanda Secor. Jealous Fizz refused to put up with her cheating and began dating co-star, Nikki Mudarris, Amanda slammed him as being on welfare and sleeping in a bed of ants and cockroaches at his mother's house. She also ominously threatened to spill more details about him, after he called her a thot (that h*e over there).

Amanda also insulted rival, Nikki, stating Fizz privately stated he didn’t know how he would handle her surgically enhanced butt. She also claims Nikki left Fizz and went back to her ex-boyfriend, Mally Mall, who cheated on her. However, Fizz posted a beautiful birthday cake on his Instagram page on Thursday, which he thanked Nikki for (then deleted shortly after). They clearly still like each other.

Amanda posted on Instagram, "Dreux wants to call me a 'THOT' when he's the one being thirsty and will do ANY & everything for some damn attention. He talked so much s**t about Nikki and her body, but now he wants to date her? She went back to her MAN cuz he's a little boy. He can't bring a 'bad b***h' back to his mom's house to sleep in a bed full of ants roaches- which is why I wouldn't move in w/ him... He damn sure can't do s**t for her with his EBT card. I know the real Dreux not 'lil fizz' if he was doing what he was supposed to do, I wouldn't have looked elsewhere. He better think about what else I know before he decides to disrespect me again."

Nikki Mudarris

At least Nikki was not after his fame or using him for the money he had and is beginning to make again. During the time Fizz was with Amanda, he did have his condo and cars. Nikki dated and stayed with Fizz for a while, benefiting from his money and fame. However, when he hit financial trouble, she began cheating on him with a man in Miami.

Contrary to what Amanda claims, in stating she did not know who he or his group B2K were when she met him, you’d have to be living under a rock to not know who they are in America. Fizz's fans on social networking do not believe her.

Amanda is slamming Fizz, trying to downgrade him, stating he is on welfare, yet dated him for the past two years. Why were you with him then. You weren't complaining when he was buying you gifts before he went bankrupt. If you loved him, you would work with him. You would help him get back on his feet. Sometimes people go through hard times in life and it will reveal your true friends and who actually loves you. People always want the finished product, not caring about or contributing to the development of their significant other.

Lil Fizz and Nikki Mudarris on a date

A year ago, the Judiciary Report wrote about Fizz’s financial problems, when he filed for bankruptcy. He made roughly $1,000,000 with B2K, but the group quickly disbanded. However, there's taxes to the IRS, mortgage payments and maintenance fees on the $250,000 condo he bought in California. He also had car notes to pay for the vehicles he purchased, with accompanying insurance payments. Fizz was also an investor in a medical marijuana shop, but problems arose with the business. Bankruptcy released him from his debts and he surrendered the condo back to the bank, under the insolvency filing and moved back in with his mother. He's one of many this has happened to in life. However, you deal with it and rebuild.

To live off his B2K earnings for 13-years proved difficult, as it was a group with three other members to split royalties and performance fees with and only three albums were release over the course of 3-years. It generated profits, but not enough to last a lifetime without proper financial planning and a viable secondary business. Entertainers and athletes can't solely rely on their main job for income, as the respective industries can be quite difficult to financially navigate.