Saturday, October 11, 2014

Drake Accused Of Threatening The Life Of Second Woman Triggering Another Police Investigation (Picture)

Drake and Shaye G

Something strange is going on with rapper Drake and it is creating a significant amount of bad publicity for the rap star. First a Texas stripper named Jhoni Blaze accused him of sending thugs in his entourage to her home and threatening her life (Rihanna Mocks Drake Over Stripper Scandal). Blaze filed a police complaint over the incident. 


Jhonni Blaze

Now a second woman has come forward alleging Drake sent her threatening texts because she posted photos on Instagram of luxury purses he purchased for her. A woman named Shaye G, from Arizona, whom Drake found on Instagram and flew her out to meet him, says Drake threatened if he sees her anywhere she’s “gettin run outta there.” Shaye G also reported this incident to local police. One thing’s for sure, Drake’s nice guy image is taking a serious hit.