Monday, September 1, 2014

Do Some Managers, Coaches Trainers And Athletes Have An Edge Due To Trade Secrets



For many years, select managers, coaches, trainers and athletes pioneered training methods that are essentially trade secrets that give them a fair and ethical, but secretive edge in play. My dad, who was a professional athlete and worked in the sports industry for many years, told me of things he witnessed behind the scenes, regarding stellar athletes in various sports, who loved their craft so much, they took it to new levels during training. 

Ali shuffle

Some athletes have signature moves associated with them. Heavy weight boxing champ Muhammad Ali pioneered the Ali shuffle. Floyd Mayweather popularized "the Philly shoulder roll" also known as the "Philly shell." In football, David Beckham popularized a method of making the ball curve at such an angle it greatly increased the probability of a goal being scored as well as confused many a goalie as to where the ball was headed. Michael Jordan seemingly flew through the air in basketball on his way to the rim, making it difficult to guard him without catching a foul. It earned him the nickname “Air Jordan.” 

Mayweather has popularized the shoulder roll

Boxing trainer Cus D’Amto was so meticulous is his training methods, he even stunted the growth of champion boxer Mike Tyson by making him jog with 50 pounds of weights on his back during his teen years, as he believed it would make him a better heavyweight. 

Michael Jordan soaring through the air to the rim

Logic and history shows us some athletes are better than others in how they perform in play. While natural athletic ability does play apart in it via genetics, how you train and what you are taught as an athlete does make a big difference as well. Some managers and trainers are more advanced, skilled and knowledgeable than others. Some have a greater eye for talent and athlete development as well.