Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Copyright Office Corrupted By Madonna And The Kabbalah Center Issuing Bribes To Employees To Backdate Registration Dates And Access Private Copyrights


As the Judiciary Report has illustrated in past articles, exclusives that later proved 100%, singer, Madonna, has a long, disgraceful, detailed history of copyright theft click here. She's been sued so many times by Americans and international citizens for stealing preexisting copyrighted work, then fraudulently trying to pass it off as her own. She's also been criminally stealing copyrights from me and repeatedly harasses me, though I don't want anything to do with her, in what has become a sick obsession on her part click here

A Kabbalah Center member issued threats to me, from her, stating Madonna and other members of the Kabbalah Center, which a number of experts have labeled a sick cult, have been issuing bribes at the Copyright Office/Library Of Congress in Washington, DC, to illegally access preexisting, private, unpublished copyrighted works, apart of various writers, producers, authors and directors' forthcoming projects, enabling her to receive unauthorized copies of the contents. 

Then as apart of the bribe, receive a backdated registration date, making it appear Madonna and the Kabbalah Center registered the works first when she did not. The scam on Madonna's end becomes apparent when copyright registrants with preexisting "Poor Man's Copyrights" and other time stamped methods of establishing the date of authorship, still trump the fake registration dates she illegally bought and paid for through bribery at the Copyright Office/Library Of Congress.

The Copyright Office/Library Of Congress is connected to the U.S. Congress, the center of lawmaking in America. Yet this is going on there. To think a lazy, untalented, trashy pop star has criminally corrupted the Copyright Office/Library Of Congress is terrible and disgraceful. 

American and international citizens from all over the world, in the tens of thousands, some whom are struggling artists who can barely afford to pay their bills, scrape together money to pay the Copyright Office/Library Of Congress fees of $75 per registration, only for a greedy, shiftless, vile pop star, Madonna and her equally insane cult, the Kabbalah Center, to be issuing bribes to gain undue access and copy private, unreleased works, trying to get an illegal jump on the true authors of the works. That is sick and despicable. 
This kind of corruption should not be occurring in an entity connected to a house of legislature (Congress).

I was once told by a Copyright Office/Library Of Congress employee, Robert Blankenberg that "Madonna is free to use any of your copyrights" without permission, whilst trying to talk me out of suing her, abusing his authority. He so twisted copyright law in his repugnant, corrupt explanation of how copyrights work, in order to justify what U.S. Federal law describes as criminal copyright infringement, racketeering (RICO), conversion, grand theft larceny, invasion of privacy, fraud and money laundering, it was astonishing. 

My advice to copyright holders and those seeking to copyright items, be careful, as the Copyright Office/Library Of Congress is corrupted. Your copyrights are not safe. Ironically, the United Nations, via the WIPO, states that a copyright is supposed to be FREE to the owner/author and is automatically established when one creates a work. 

However, Congress created the Copyright Act years ago, in violation of United Nations' law, forcing all American and International citizens to pay a fee to copyright works in Washington, DC or you cannot sue in America if the works are stolen. This is not helped by the fact that 99.9% of copyright cases in America are thrown out by federal judges, who refuse to let the cases go to trial. Federal judges might I add, it has been discovered have serious financial ties to Hollywood in a number of ways (stocks, revenue connections and advisory posts).

I recently sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Copyright Office as apart of my forthcoming film "Justice And Truth." I sent it registered mail. Therefore I have confirmation. The Copyright Office has defied federal law as enacted by Congress and refused to answer the FOIA request sent to them 3-months ago, which is illegal on their end.

I'm sending a copy of everything to the FBI, so it will be on record that I filed this complaint regarding Madonna and the Kabbalah Center criminally corrupted the Copyright Office, Library of Congress. It will also be featured in my forthcoming film "Justice And Truth."