Thursday, August 14, 2014

Police State Comedian Robin Williams Hung Himself

Robin Williams

This is a follow up to the August 11, 2014 article "Hollywood Actor Robin Williams Kills Himself In Regrettable Suicide" where Judiciary Report stated Robin Williams "Police indicate he died from suicide and asphyxia, which could indicate he hanged himself or choked on substances he tried to ingest in high quantity."

The day after police released more information on the case, stating Williams did indeed hang himself as the Judiciary Report had suspected. Asphyxia indicates choking (smothering) and in reference to suicide almost always implies hanging. Williams was found hanging in the doorway of his closet. Something pushed him over the edge, sadly making him falsely believe he could no longer go on.

There has been controversy online in the wake of Williams’ suicide. Some on social networking have expressed sympathy, while others scorn regarding him taking his life. Some even launched attacks against his only daughter, which was sad. 

At the end of the day depression can strike anyone under the wrong circumstances. There are many situations that can leave a person depressed, regardless of race, religion, nationality, social status or finances. 

I am of the belief a mental breakdown due to circumstances, accompanied by an imbalance in the sufferer’s system (spikes and dips in select chemicals naturally occurring in the brain disturbing proper levels) distress and depression produces, triggers the compulsion to commit suicide. When a mind starts to comprehend and process tragic or highly negative news, brainwaves change. Brain scans reflect the mental changes in thought. Measuring the chemical activity and changes in the brain is another story. There is a scientific basis to this. 

Regardless of what happens, suicide is not the answer. Don’t give up on your life. Hold on to the will to live. Therapy to ascertain and address the underlying issues that cause depression as well as medical treatment saves lives and should be utilized more often.