Thursday, August 14, 2014

Singer Ciara Calls Of Engagement To Rapper Future Over His Cheating With Rihanna And Others

Future and Ciara

This is a follow up to the Judiciary Report articles Is Ciara Making A Mistake Marrying Wild Rapper Future and Rihanna Is Having Sex With Rival Ciara’s Fiance Future. Today, singer Ciara has called off her engagement to unfaithful rapper Future, who constantly cheated on her.



Future, who is also a songwriter/music producer even cruelly cheated on Ciara with her adversary, singer Rihanna, who is known for sleeping with many industry men, prostituting herself for career favors (Rihanna has also been cheating with rapper Jay Z damaging his marriage to singer Beyonce). To betray someone, particularly the mother of your child, with one of her enemies is a serious character flaw. God doesn't like ugly.  

Future and Ciara's son Future Zahir Wilburn

Ciara recently gave birth to Future's child, Future Zahir Wilburn, an event he was not even there for. He has a habit of impregnating women, then dumping them for others. At the rate he is going, he will be bankrupt from paying various child support claims to five women who have given birth to their children.