Friday, August 15, 2014

Chris Brown’s Manager Goes Broke And Loses His Mansion

Chris Brown: Wait, so you're telling me this dude is broke! This dude's got my checks, man!  
Music manager, Bu Thiam, the brother of rapper, Akon, has lost his Atlanta mansion to foreclosure. Thiam, who recently began managing singer, Chris Brown, was unable to pay his property taxes and his house was auctioned off by the court. Some in the industry will reason, if a music manager loses his home to foreclosure, unable to pay basic property taxes, how can he secure lucrative financial deals for clients, when he cannot manage his own finances. 

Chris Brown

Additionally, for months some of Chris Brown’s fans spoke out online against Bu managing the star. Their concerns will not be allayed when they find out Brown's checks go through Bu first, who takes his cut, then passes on the rest to the singer. 

Bu Thiam

Bu’s brother Akon is also having financial problems. His $300,000 Ferrari was repossessed by the leasing company, for missing payments. Years ago, Akon made money off music for a time, but like many stars, began living the high life and did not save for a rainy day, believing money would always be coming in. It often does not work that way. Akon’s career hit a major decline, as many entertainers experience and he found himself in debt and overextended.