Monday, July 7, 2014

Football Player Neymar Sends Tearful Message After 2014 World Cup Injury As FIFA Investigates Challenge That Broke His Back (Video)


A tearful but optimistic Neymar, sent a touching message to his fellow Brazilians and global fans, regarding a serious back injury he sustained, when Juan Camillo Zuniga, deliberately kneed him in the back, effectively ending his 2014 World Cup. 

Zuniga is currently facing a FIFA investigation into his conduct. In my view, as stated previously, it was deliberate [Brazilian Football Player Neymar Sustains Broken Vertebrae During The 2014 World Cup (Video)]. The day after the Judiciary Report stated Zuniga could have paralyzed Neymar, the Brazilian team doctor confirmed, had Zuniga kneed Neymar in the back 1 inch higher, he would be in a wheel chair.

My dad, a former football player and coach, who loves and respects the sport is offended by what transpired against Neymar and referred to the violent challenge as completely inappropriate. He pointed out the ball wasn't even in the air in a manner Zuniga could have done a header. He hopped on Neymar's back and kneed him in a violent manner.

This goes way beyond football. This someone's life and health. For his part, Zuniga has apologized, but what does not look well for him is the fact he stated members of the Brazilian squad roughed up Colombia star Rodriguez on the pitch, giving the impression the injury on Brazil's star Neymar, was retaliation and revenge.

My dad also stated something very relevant in that the nature of the injury and how it transpired will make Neymar play differently in that he will be more guarded about his back. Sports in general is about hand eye coordination and instinct. Neymar can't let this interfere with his style and game. Get well soon Neymar.