Thursday, May 8, 2014

Published Author Sues Warner Bros For Stealing Her Preexisting Book To Make The Movie 'Gravity'

Sandra Bullock in the film "Gravity"

Published author Tess Gerritsen has sued Warner Bros for $10,000,0000 over their Oscar winning film “Gravity” starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. Gerrtisen is an M.D. and best selling writer, who has authored several books that are widely available in stores and online. Warner Bros stole her book “Gravity” which is about a female astronaut lost in space and decided to make it into a movie without permission or payment to Gerrtisen. The film has grossed $800,000,0000. Therefore, Gerrtisen is suing for too little. If it weren’t for the theft of her book "Gravity" the movie “Gravity” would never have been made. 

George Clooney

Previously, George Clooney, who as mentioned above, stars in "Gravity" was sued by an author for obtaining a copy of her book and making it into the film "Syriana" without permission or payment. This also constitutes copyright infringement, a common and illegal practice in Hollywood.


Hollywood companies like Warner Bros are brazen with the thefts of copyright, because simply put, they buy off federal judges with cash or stock options. I speak from experience in having copyrights stolen by Madonna, who works for Warner Bros. When I sued Madonna et al, one of the companies in the case that participated in criminal copyright infringement with her, regarding my preexisting copyrights, quietly gave the Miami judge stock in their company, but in her child’s name, which she later admitted to in legal papers. This is known as taking a bribe - a common occurrence. I know of another case where Madonna and company blackmailed a sitting judge (which will be included in my forthcoming film Justice And Truth).


Tess Gerritsen

This ongoing criminal misconduct from Hollywood is based in sheer greed, via wanting all the fame, money and glory for things they did not do. They could follow domestic and international law in seeking copyright holder's permission and properly licensing work, but Hollywood has no integrity or decency and believes it is above the law. Congress needs to do something because a terrible, history making scandal is on the way regarding Hollywood and these judges that America and the world will never forget or excuse.