Friday, May 16, 2014

Bad Practice Habits And Improper Technique Wreak Havoc On Athletes Performance

Are you training correctly? Is your technique right? These are things that can make or break an athlete. An effective coach or trainer can look at an athlete's form and tell whether their training methods, technique and form are correct. If you are an athlete training in your own time, it is good to verify your habits, methods and form against greats in your sport who have achieved tremendous levels of success. You learn from the best. This coupled with hard work and practice is how you get better. 

It is important that athletes not form bad habits. Incorrect training methods and the wrong technique can lead to injury and unnecessary losses in games/matches. It can mean the difference between winning the title or taking a defeat. Therefore, ensure you do things correctly, following proper, safe textbook guidelines proven to be the most efficient and effective in your sport.