Friday, April 11, 2014

Sexual Assault Allegations Against Football Player Colin Kaepernick Sound Suspect

Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers football player Colin Kaepernick is under criminal investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman in Miami at a residence at the Viceroy Hotel. The unnamed woman was in an apartment alone with Kaepernick and two other football players. She stated she mixed alcoholic drinks for the three men and they encouraged her to use a bong which contained marijuana or they wouldn't give her any alcoholic shots.

The woman alleges she felt lightheaded after smoking the marijuana and went to Kaepernick's bedroom to lay down on the bed. She states Kaepernick, a man who she's had a sexual relationship with, "Came up behind her into the bedroom and started kissing her." She is now alleging sexual assault, stating she woke up in a hospital bed and has no knowledge of how she arrived there. 

There is so much wrong with this story. First of all, why was she comfortable being alone, in an apartment, at night with not one, but three male athletes, if she didn't know them well. It doesn't sound like anyone forced her there. She was even playing bartender. Secondly, why was she mixing the three males alcoholic drinks if she was uncomfortable with the situation. It sounds like she was partying. Thirdly, why is she stating Kaepernick sexually assaulted her when she's had a sexual relationship with him for months. A woman can be raped by an ex-boyfriend, but the information she provided to the police reads as though she and Kaepernick have a sexual relationship.

A jury is not going to believe she voluntarily entered an apartment with three pro-athletes she knows, one she's been having sex with for months, made them alcoholic drinks and smoked weed with them, then her boyfriend (or customer), raped her. I'm not buying it. Sounds like someone trying to get a quick payday or revenge. Suspect stories like these make it so difficult for real rape victims to be believed. Some rape stories I believe, such as allegations made against former football player Darren Sharper (Former NFL Football Player Darren Sharper Facing 30-Years In Prison For Drugging And Raping People). However, the story regarding Kaepernick doesn't sound right. Pieces of the story are missing.