Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Chain Of Custody In The Chris Brown Probation Violation Case

Chris Brown

The public is confused regarding the chain of command in the Chris Brown probation violation case, stemming from the 2009 Rihanna domestic violence incident. Brown’s probation was violated a few weeks ago, over an alleged assault in Washington, regarding an incident that is completely questionable. 

Brown voluntarily admitted himself into rehab for anger management in Los Angeles, where he resides, with Judge James Brandlin’s approval. Brown completed 95-days in rehab. The judge was impressed and extended it by 60 additional days, which would keep Brown in treatment until the next hearing in his Washington case. However, three issues that were not of an illegal nature occurred, resulting in his arrest at the facility. Brown currently sits in jail, after being remanded into custody for a month until the next hearing in his Washington case. 

As the Judiciary Report was the first to state, Brown’s lawyer should settle the fraudulent Washington case, even though the victim stated the singer never hit him. Something strange is going on which could lead Brown spending up to 4-years in jail. The next day TMZ wrote Brown’s lawyer is looking into settling the case. 

If the Washington case is handled via settlement, it should by default dispose of the Los Angeles violations as well, as his probation was violated over what transpired in D.C. If the basis for the violation is removed from the equation, how can the rehab incident reasonably remain. Brown was not accused of breaking the law in rehab. Once again, Brown was accused of violating house rules, in conduct that was not criminal.