Monday, March 24, 2014

In Boxing The Right Team Can Make All The Difference In The World

Success And Longevity

Mike Tyson is one of the greatest boxers in history, but he was terribly taken advantage of and exploited by those around him

Having the right team in boxing is crucial to success. Boxers can’t rely on their talent alone. A great promoter, manager, trainer and sparring partners compliment, support and get the best out of a boxer’s talent and hard work. The business side is very important as well. It’s not that you’re greedy or an avarice, but you have to support yourself and think about your financial future. Great boxers such as Mike Tyson and Manny Pacquiao were financially exploited by unscrupulous people in deeds that were very unfair. You’d be surprised at what some people think they can get away with because an athlete is unassuming.

A competent lawyer, an astute financial adviser and an honest accountant, working in tandem with a good manager, who thinks big, can make lucrative deals inside and outside the ring to a boxer’s benefit. Remember to check out the people you seek to work with (for complaints or lawsuits against them with regulatory agencies) and remember, you should have the final say on everything in your career, because it’s your name and body on the line. Boxers train hours per day with their bodies taking a battering, as they risk their lives in the ring. They need to be properly financially compensated to have something to show for all their hard work. Therefore, a good team is vital.

Be careful who you let into your circle. Don’t let people fill your head with mumbo jumbo, unproven tactics, silly schemes, scams, superstitions and shortcuts. There are no shortcuts to success. Scientifically proven training methods, hard work, skill and a sound, clear mind are the path to success. Go with what is proven that works.

On a psychological level, don’t let people mess with your head. That’s someone trying to control and exploit you. God gave you a mind. Use it. If something doesn’t sound or seem right, it probably isn’t. If someone is telling you something that is not factual and it is causing you mental distress, let it go. Stop listening to them. Learn to let go of and walk away from the things that cause you stress. It’s not worth the anxiety and distress. Be happy and hopeful regarding the present and the future. Use your conscience to decide what is best and do what is right. You have to do what is best for you in life and your career.

Let your first loyalty be to God and yourself. Don’t sacrifice your dreams for others, who at the end of the day, may not even be loyal to you. There’s a phrase that goes, “Hard times reveals true friends.” It goes for all relationships. Do not make your decisions based on what others want. Stay true to yourself first and foremost. If someone truly loves and cares about you as a friend or love, they will support your dreams and help you achieve them, without asking for anything in return or wanting you to compromise yourself and all you’ve worked for.

Don’t listen to the naysayers, hanger-ons, groupies, gold-diggers, leeches and conmen. Some will tell you what you want to hear to get what they want out of you. That’s burned quite a few boxers (and athletes and entertainers in general). People love to circle and exploit boxers, like it’s easy money they‘ve made, not taking to consideration the intense physical work and risk it took them to earn their money. It’s happened to many boxers.

People flat-out ask athletes for money and sometimes ridiculous sums. Others will ask athletes for loans/funds for personal use or to start businesses. Sometimes it’s a hustler, conman, groupie, gold digger or girlfriend asking for the money. When that business fails, guess whose money is going to be gone - that’s right - yours. The money would be better in the bank in a savings account or insured, interest bearing CD (certificate of deposit) in your name. Taking care of your financial future and your parents/family should be your first priority because they are your flesh and blood.