Sunday, March 23, 2014

Herpes And HIV: Life Altering STDs On The Rise

Kim Kardashian's herpes outbreak

Some people believe they have to have sex with lots of different people and end up heartbroken with dysfunctional issues and sexually transmitted diseases. You can have just as much sex with the same person as you can sleeping around with different people. Promiscuity is not safe. 

Courtney Love's herpes outbreak

Some endanger their health via promiscuity and contract virulent cases of Herpes or HIV. Just because a person isn’t showing signs of disease doesn’t mean they are not infected. People often say someone “looks clean” as the determination on whether to have sex with them. However, if a person with HIV does not have lesions or an emaciated frame at the time, it does not mean others can’t contract the disease. 

A herpes outbreak which regularly appears on the mouth (and sometimes genitals as well)

HIV is a dangerous, life altering disease that is spread through oral sex, anal sex, vagina sex and or French kissing when both parties have cuts in their mouths. It is also spread via fighting, when the skin is broken and blood is accidentally exchanged during the fight. 

Some with genital herpes have operated under the premise that because they are not having an outbreak, they are free to have sex with whomever they feel like, wrongly believing they will not pass it on to others. Whereas others don’t see the signs of an outbreak and assume the individual does not have herpes, when they actually do, then go on to catch it from sexual contact. Condoms do not protect people from becoming infected with herpes. Take care of your sexual health, let others know your status and do not go around infecting others. Be socially responsible.