Thursday, March 6, 2014

Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Break Up Leaving Her In Tears And Rihanna Smiling (Photos)

Chris Brown

Based on reports and a tweet on social networking, r&b singer Chris Brown and girlfriend Karrueche Tran have broken up again. Tran confirmed it today on Twitter. The aspiring model and fashion designer stated she is not dating anyone, requesting people stop with the rumors to the contrary. 

Karrueche Tran

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge order Brown to undergo an additional two months in rehab, after successfully completing 90-days. Brown was not happy with the order, but rehab has been helping him. It is quite structured and the 5AM wake up time can be difficult. Brown also misses his home. However, rehab is better than jail. He can complete the 2-months, as he already did well with the first 90-days. 

Look at this chick Rihanna smiling. She knows Chris is single again. Don't smile too hard. You better hope he doesn't fall for anyone in rehab.

Previously, the Judiciary Report stated if Brown and Tran broke up again she would cry and that’s exactly what’s been happening (Will Karrueche Tran Wait For Chris Brown If He Goes To Jail). Poor girl is heartbroken. I was hoping it wouldn’t happen, but it has now. Tran posted a picture of her tearful and sad. Brown needs time to work on himself. He’s also concerned about going to jail. 

Rihanna and Drake

Meanwhile, singer and ex-girlfriend Rihanna is delighted at the news of their split, as the Judiciary Report has stated for months, she wants Brown back. She even went so far as to publicly canoodling with Drake and on stage, trying to make Brown, the love of her life, jealous. Look for her to make a move on Brown.