Friday, March 7, 2014

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of High Profile Relationships

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber

Some people love high profile relationships. They are reported on by the press and blogosphere, creating publicity that is sometimes of a good nature. However, some of the publicity that comes with a high profile relationship is negative. The least little problem is blown out of proportion. People make up lies about things that allegedly happened behind closed doors. Then there are the women who decide they want to make trouble and publicly go after the famous male in the couple, in conduct that is disgraceful.

High profile relationships look stressful. I would not want the attention, but sometimes women fall in love with someone who is famous and decide it is worth the risks. As a writer/blogger, I know what can happen when someone decides to write items for site views, omitting the truth. I don’t do that, as I believe in writing the truth, but I’ve seen others flat-out lie for site views.

If I was seen kissing a famous man and asked about it, I would be like, “I was giving him CPR! Mind your business!” (I’m just kidding). Seriously, people should be careful what elements of their lives they make known to the press and on social networking. You may see it as being free and open, but not everyone has good intentions seeing it as a challenge to wreak havoc in your life.