Thursday, February 20, 2014

TI and Tiny’s Martial Problems

Tiny and TI have a beautiful family that he is putting in jeopardy with cheating

There are ongoing claims of martial problems between reality star couple TI and Tiny of the show “Family Hustle.” The rapper and singer wed a few years ago and their marriage is under attack by groupies, strippers and gold diggers. Tiny, a former singer with the girl group Xscape, was pictured in public without her ring, fuelling speculation of more trouble in their marriage. This occurred after TI was photographed at a strip club, while Tiny was away on a short vacation. A few people on social networking have cruelly and disgracefully taunted Tiny in trying to state TI is having sex with them or their friend.

First of all, men and strip clubs do not mix. It often leads to marital or relationship problems. Some women like to pretend they are cool with their boyfriends or husbands going to the strip club, but they are not. They only say that to seem cool (meanwhile your husband is wasting money on strippers that could be spent on your relationship, children or future children's upbringing and schooling). Save yourself the trouble and the money and strip for your husband at home (LOL). 

Most women hate when their men go to strip clubs. Most women also hate for their men to ask them to accompany them to the strip club (yea I said it, I don’t know why women are pretending to their men). If a woman asked her man to accompany her to a male strip show he would kick a fit. Yet, some are asking their women to do this. There are only supposed to be two people in a relationship and you should be enough for each other. Anything else is dysfunctional and will lead to heartbreak and problems. Stop inviting trouble into your lives. 

Then there’s the subject of groupies and gold diggers. Let’s be frank, some women are sadistic, heartless jezebels, who do not care if a man has a girlfriend or wife (even if he is married with kids). It’s wrong, but some women are like that and life is unkind to them for it. Some women get off on damaging other people’s relationships. They see a man they want, who is not available and engage in disrespectful and vicious games to get him, even when they know they are not what's best for him and trouble looms from their selfish, self-serving, impetuous decisions. 

In a twisted, sick and strange way, it makes them feel desirable or like they are better than someone else the person is with, when they’re not. I've seen women raise heck to get men way from their girlfriends or wives, only for it to turn very cruel on them and end in disaster. There's more to a relationship than sex. When two people are not compatible and do not compliment each other in several ways, the relationship simply doesn't work out. Then you would have dragged him away from the person he was meant to be with, his true love, over a stupid fling that destroyed his life.

People get married, making a commitment to each other, in an important and sacred union. It’s not fair that anyone should attempt to damage or destroy that. It’s an even more cruel thing to do when kids are involved. Learn to leave people alone when they are taken. Do not contact them. Do not flirt with them and certainly do not have sex with them. They’re not yours. Leave it alone. God is not going to bless that. It will bring bad things into your life. Leave it alone.

In closing, Tiny and TI have known each other for years and are compatible with each other. When he had nothing, she spent money to help take care of him. When she was rich and famous (first) and he was a struggling, indie rapper, she stayed with him. When he was arrested different times, she tried to help him and keep their family together. TI needs to appreciate what she has been to him and what she is to him. God gave you a wife and family. Honor it. Groupies, gold diggers and strippers are not worth your family. If your fame and money disappears, so will the gold diggers, groupies and strippers. They only want to feed off your fame and take what they can get from you. Tiny already proved she wanted nothing from you.