Thursday, February 27, 2014

Former NFL Football Star Roy Simmons Dies Of AIDS After Engaging In Promiscuous Sex With Women And Men

Roy Simmons

Former star athlete, Roy Simmons, who played NFL football for the Washington Redskins, has died from complications arising from AIDS. He was 57 years of age. Simmons, who was bisexual, then full on gay, forsook the gay lifestyle and became a Christian after developing HIV. In an effort to warn others, Simmons did interviews about the sexual promiscuity that cost him his health.

Simmons spoke of becoming famous and how women would throw themselves at him and people would offer him free items in stores and other businesses, "By his own admission, Mr. Simmons fell into a habit of heavy drinking, drug use and sexual promiscuity with both men and women. 'People were always throwing things at me,' he told the Columbus (Ohio) Dispatch in 2006. 'Women threw themselves at me. When I went to a bar, I got complimentary drinks. When I went to the store, I got discounts. All kinds of individuals offered me drugs.'"

After being dropped by the Redskins, Simmons' drug addiction bankrupted him. He moved out to San Francisco, the gay capital of America and began prostituting himself to men to fund his drug addiction. In 1992 he came out of the closet on "The Phil Donahue Show." In 1997 he discovered he had contracted HIV. Simmons told CBN, "I had heard about San Francisco, the gay life. It’s the gay capitol. It was kind of crazy, but it was like, well, since you’re in it, go all the way."

Upon finding out from his doctor that he had contracted HIV Simmons stated, "He called me in and he gave me the results. My knees buckled. He told me that my tests came back positive. I guess the initial thought was I’m going to die. I’ve known people, some of them a month, and then they’re gone."


Lesions commonly associated with HIV began to appear on Simmons' forehead

Over the past five years, the science community has identified aggressive, super strains of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) in San Francisco, which have baffled the Center For Disease Control (CDC). Initially, HIV was called GRID (Gay-Related Immune Deficiency) and "gay cancer." HIV and AIDS first made the news for afflicting homosexual men, as scientists began identifying clusters of cases within the gay community. It began to spread rapidly due to the practice of "anonymous sex" among gay men, some of whom are bisexual.

However, even today, heterosexuals, have a false sense of security, believing HIV and AIDS only happens to gays. With the significant amount of education on the subject, via world governments trying to educate the public on the epidemic that is infecting gay and straight people, some still hold fast to the fallacy that straight people do not get HIV or AIDS.

Straight entertainers and athletes all over the world engage in promiscuous sex, taking women back to hotels or their homes for sex, who they don't know or know very little about. Entertainers and athletes have multiple sex partners and don't know what they do when they are with others and are contracting HIV as a result. Condoms have a 36% failure rate. It's not 100% safe.

Some athletes in contact sports are putting their careers and the lives of their fellow athletes in jeopardy, via sexual promiscuity. Sports such as wrestling, American football, basketball, boxing,  rugby, hockey and MMA, are contact sports where skin ends up broken and blood exchange can inadvertently occur between athletes. Some athletes are risking their health and careers over sexual flings with random people they barely know and do not care about. The Judiciary Report implores you to stop and take stock of your life and career before you lose it all over meaningless sex, simply engaged in to fulfill an urge.


Roy Simmons, NFL player who came out as gay, dies at 57

Published: February 25 - Roy Simmons, a former pro football lineman who played in the 1984 Super Bowl for the Washington Redskins and who later became the second NFL player to announce that he was gay, died Feb. 20 at his home in the Bronx. He was 57. He had been hospitalized in recent months for pneumonia, said a friend, James Hester, who was a co-author of Mr. Simmons’s autobiography. Mr. Simmons revealed in 1997 that he was HIV-positive.

NFL's Simmons Speaks of Former Gay Lifestyle and New Faith in Christ – Roy Simmons is one of only three NFL players to publicly discuss being homosexual. All three chose to speak of their sexual orientation after retirement from the league. But there is another side to Roy’s story that hasn’t been told, at least not until now. In 1992, on The Phil Donahue Show, Roy Simmons had a major announcement. "He comes here today" Donahue told the television audience, "to tell you that he is now and always has been gay." "I don’t think we knew the repercussions that were going to come after that," Simmons explains. "My friends were in shock – 'Roy, you must have gone out and just gotten toasted and you got a major hangover.' "...