Thursday, December 26, 2013

Senior Citizen Justin Bieber Again States That He Is He's Retiring

But Like "The Terminator" He'll Be Back

Justin Bieber

19-year-old senior citizen, Justin Bieber, has again announced that he is "retiring" from music. Elderly Bieber, a music industry veteran of 4-years, is walking away from show business to collect his Social Security. Sarcasm. Seriously, Bieber broke his fans hearts on Christmas Eve announcing his retirement on Twitter, without truly elaborating on his alleged departure. Often when entertainers make such announcements, it's a sales gimmick. Then, a couple years later they resurface with a new set of projects.

Bieber has experienced a very rough year regarding run-ins with the law, due to speeding, confrontations with the public, members of his entourage getting caught in negligent accidents or fighting his fans and bringing drugs on the star's tour bus. Bieber is definitely suffering from burnout, after releasing many projects in a short space of time.


Justin Bieber's tweets on Twitter

The mental distress of being actively pursued by Hollywood's worst two cults, Kabbalah and Scientology, has also taken a significant toll on the singer. Some time away certainly wouldn't hurt, if it saves his life. When you've got people bullying you behind the scenes and threatening you that if you don't do and say what they want they'll expose you and destroy your career, it can get very overwhelming and make you want to walk away from the industry.