Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mike Tyson Says Manny Pacquiao Is A Better Fighter Than Floyd Mayweather Who Is Refusing To Fight Him Again (Video)

Yes He Went There
Money Mayweather mocked Manny on his Instagram page yesterday

Floyd Mayweather has been toying with boxing fans, regarding the prospect of fighting Manny Pacquiao. It would undoubtedly be the most exciting fight in boxing history (thus far). First, Mayweather said he would fight Pacquiao, then he wouldn't, then he would, now he's changing his mind again. In a new interview with the website Fight Hype, Money May had this to say:

"BT: Speaking of Maidana, I know you haven't made a decision yet on your opponent, but based on his performance against Adrien, is Maidana now eligible to win the Mayweather Sweepstakes?

FM: Absolutely! Yes, Maidana's name is now in the lottery jackpot box. We all know the Pacquiao fight, at this particular time, will never happen, and the reason why the fight won't happen is because I will never do business with Bob Arum again in life, and Pacquiao is Bob Arum's fighter. Bob Arum gives Pacquiao a date, whereas Floyd Mayweather gives Floyd Mayweather his own date. I will be fighting again in May and I will be fighting again in September. I'm gonna give you two reasons the Pacquiao fight is not going to happen. Like I said before, I will never do business with Bob Arum in life, but I don't wish him nothing bad. And I want to see Manny Pacquiao's real pay-per-view numbers. Get his pay-per-view numbers from his last fight and compare them to my pay-per-view numbers with Canelo 
Alvarez. Did he do 1.2 million homes?

BT: Nope.

FM: Did he do 1 million homes?

BT: Nope.

FM: I know he's got a situation with that guy with the three letters in his name [I.R.S.]. That's why he's trying to fight me. He wants me to resolve his problem with that guy with three letters in his name. I don't have problems like that because, you know, I got the right team. In the past, of course you're going to hear hearsay. "Well, Floyd had a problem with this; he had a problem with the I.R.S." No one has ever put a padlock on my house. Forget what you read and what you hear. I'm stating facts. It's like Shots Of Me, what you see is what you get."

On the flip side, former heavyweight boxing champ, Mike Tyson, is praising Paquiao's skill in the ring. In a candid interview last month, Tyson stated, "You don't know boxing if you think Floyd Mayweather Jr. is better than Manny Pacquiao." Oh snap! Mike just called you chicken Mayweather (ok, no he didn't, I'm using reverse psychology on you to try to get you to fight Pacquiao). Seriously, if Mayweather doesn't fight Pacquiao it will always be said he ran from the challenge, fearing his first loss. It will be a shadow over his legacy.