Saturday, November 23, 2013

Men Have Hope Because The Friendzone Is Not A Permanent Situation Or Status

You're in the friend zone

The internet refers to the friendzone as a place where typically a man is romantically attracted to a woman, who only views him as a friend. Men find this frustrating and sad, especially when they have strong feelings for the woman. However, these relationships do not always remain platonic, so men have hope.

For example, in my aunt Lorna Goodison's award winning book "From Harvey River" which is about the history of our family, there is a humorous true story about how my grandparents met. My late grandmother was a beautiful woman. She had long, black curly hair, light brown eyes and an olive complexion (not to mention, big breasts, which is probably what granddad saw first LOL).


Wow, she's hanging her purse around his neck (LOL)

When my virginal grandmother was an of age teenager, she thought she was alone at the river running through the town her English grandfather founded and built up. She took off her dress and went swimming in the river in her underwear and bra. Custom in the town was if a male saw a woman swimming in the river alone they were not to enter. My grandpa, being a city slicker not from that town, didn't know and after she had been swimming in the river for a while, he saw her from a distance and walked up to the bank of the river (he didn't go in the river).

Then he tried to speak to her, not stating anything crude or disrespectful. And do you know what her first words were to him..."Go away!" That's not even the friendzone. That's the get-away-from-me zone (LOL). She was trying to protect her virginity and reputation.


People heard her complaining and the story got back to her parents, who went to him, giving him a stern talking to about it. However, shortly after they became friends, began dating, got married and brought 9 children into this world. Therefore, once again, men, don't give up. The friendzone isn't always permanent.