Thursday, November 7, 2013

Judge Tries To Settle Chris Brown And Drake Club Brawl Lawsuits

Drake and Chris Brown

New York judge Anil Singh called for a settlement hearing in the five lawsuits filed in the Drake/Chris Brown/Rihanna bottle fight that took place at the now defunct club W.i.P. in Manhattan. Club patrons brought lawsuits regarding the fight involving rapper Drake and singer Chris Brown, in relation to the bottle brawl, seeking financial damages for the injuries they stated were sustained during the incident. Rapper Meek Mill who was also present during the incident indicated a woman started the fight, implying it was singer Rihanna, who dated both Drake and Brown.

Rihanna the troublemaker

In an effort to settle the case, which is the reasonable approach, Judge Anil Singh called for a settlement conference in his chambers this week. The New York Post reports, "Lawyers for club goers injured in the melee, including NBA star Tony Parker and French male model Romain Julien, met in a jury room with their adversaries to strike a deal for over an hour Wednesday morning before meeting with the judge." It is good that Justice Singh is attempting to settle the cases, as five lawsuits going to trial, stemming from the same incident will become a legal juggernaut.