Friday, November 8, 2013

If TLC's Chilli Doesn't Want Her Son To Be Bullied She Needs To Do The Following...

Tron, TLC's Chilli, Chase and her mom, TLC's T-Boz at the premiere of the TV biopic "CrazySexyCool"

I don't believe in bullying. Never participated in it in school. I had friends of all colors, nationalities, backgrounds and social status in school. I am of the belief bullies should be expelled from school and face legal consequences when their actions create significant damage to other people. Having written that, some people need to be aware that their conduct can unintentionally attract bullies. 

TLC singer Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas took to the internet to start a petition on the Change site, complaining of website Media Take Out making fun of her 16-year-old son Tron. While Media Take Out is not popular on social networking, it pulls in an estimated 12,000,000 readers per month, making it well liked by readers. Therefore, Chilli was livid that such a wide internet audience read jokes about her son, when the site implied he is gay. The petition requires 250,000 signatures and has barely received 4,000.

Tron and Chilli

Apart of the issue is how Chilli's son dresses. Freedom of expression is great, but if it makes you a target over your fashion choices, to the point it greatly upsets you, one has to ask one's self, is it worth it. Chilli's son dresses like he's on Star Trek and he grew out his hair and permed or press it, which in the African-American community is sometimes deemed a gay look. To some, including Media Take Out, he has the appearance of a gay man. 

This has resulted in teasing by some websites and internet readers. Chilli also has a line of loud handbags that has Tron's face plastered all over them. All these things have put the young man out there in the public domain in a manner that set him up to be teased. If he wants the teasing to stop, he needs to change his hairstyle and stop dressing like he is on Star Wars.