Thursday, November 7, 2013

TLC's Chilli Does Not Deny Cheating With L.A. Reid During His Marriage To Pebbles But Opts To Slam Her

Pebbles and Chilli

If someone falsely calls you a home wrecker and promiscuous woman sleeping with many men for career favors, would you not respond to defend your honor, via denying the claims. After being called a home wrecking music industry mattress, who has slept with many men in Hollywood, TLC's Chilli remained silent on the claim by Ashley Reid, daughter of her former manager Pebbles.

Chilli responds to fan request that she has a one on one talk with Pebbles

However, she opted to slam Pebbles, the woman who made her famous, only for Chilli to stab her in the back and have sex with her husband L.A. Reid behind her back. Pebbles, who is now an ordained Christian minister,  forgave Chilli for betraying her in sleeping with her husband. However, Chilli continues to slam Pebbles over financial issues regarding the group.

Chilli responds to items stated by Pebbles daughter Ashley Reid, who has stated she wants to see Chilli face to face, due to things she has been saying in interviews about her mom.

Chilli commented that she does not want a one on one with Pebbles to settle their differences, even though she hypocritically hugged and smiled with her former manager during a reality show for Essence magazine in 2011. Chilli stated, "One on one for what? To remind her of the truth? We actually held bak a lot... we've already had a one on one .. nite on that."


Chilli Responds to Ashley Reid's Threats

Wednesday, November 06, 2013 - After the airing of Crazy Sexy Cool: The TLC Story, former TLC manager Pebbles Reid's daughter Ashley threatened to beat TLC member Chilli's face into the concrete over her mother's portrayal in the highly rated biopic. Chilli is not worried... After fans Tweeted Chilli about Ashley's threats Chilli responded that she may be quiet but she's fully capable of handling herself if confronted.