Friday, October 4, 2013

Woman And Child Crash Into White House's East Gate (Video And Photos)

Yesterday, 34-year-old mentally ill, Connecticut and former New York resident, Miriam Carey, crashed her vehicle into the east gate of the White House in Washington, D.C. It triggered a lockdown of the White House.
Carey's one-year-old toddler was present in the car during the incident, which is being blamed on post-partum depression, as it is being stated she became dejected after the birth of her child. 
Miriam Carey's toddler

The Secret Service fired shots at Carey, with a car chase ensuing that dragged on to the Capitol Building. Members of Congress were ensconced in the building during the high speed chase. The sound of gunfire led to security alerts being issued and many taking cover inside. Authorities shot and killed Carey during the melee. Two officers were wounded during the fracas. Amazingly, Carey's toddler survived uninjured.

Miriam Carey
Some are blaming the chaos on the current political shutdown, regarding federal government services being temporarily terminated and employees placed on furlough, over
a congressional fight regarding the ObamaCare health care program, which went into effect this week.