Friday, October 4, 2013

WIC Funding For Baby Food For The Poor Yanked During Federal Government Shutdown Over ObamaCare

Barack Obama
Financial programs such as WIC, which provides funding for costly infant food formulas, free of cost to mothers who qualify, has been yanked under the current U.S. federal government shutdown. Some states have offered to foot the bill during the shutdown to keep WIC going to the 9,000,000 families who rely on it.

However, it is unclear if, how and when they will be reimbursed by the federal government and what impact this benevolent, but costly decision will have on local budgets around America. The federal government needs to reimburse the states.

WIC is a good program, as it helps children and they are after all the future of America. Basic proper nutrition is essential to the mental and physical development of growing babies and toddlers. WIC is not a frivolity and should have been granted an exemption/waiver to exclude the vital program from the shutdown.