Thursday, October 24, 2013

The NSA Gets President Obama Into International Trouble Over Spying On Other Heads Of State

Obama Receives Angry Calls From Heads Of State
Barack Obama
This is a follow up to the Judiciary Report exclusive articles NSA Workers Admit To Reading The Emails And Listening To The Calls Of Americans In Violation Of The Law (June 9, 2013) and Judge Rules The NSA Illegally Spied On Americans Confirming The Site's Previous Claims (Video) (August 22, 2013) regarding the NSA's illegal spying which the Judiciary Report's sister site the Sound Off Column broke FIRST several years ago.

This week a fresh scandal cropped up as more revelations from courageous American whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed, the NSA has been illegally spying on the heads of state of Mexico, France and Germany, via wiretapping their phone calls (they aren't the only ones being spied on - the list is longer and even includes ally Great Britain). The Judiciary Report has consistently maintained for years that spying on other world governments is a violation of international law.

Years ago one of my connections had privately revealed to me that the Obama Administration had illegally wiretapped the Jamaican Prime Minister, during and leading up to the Dudus extradition scandal, which I stated is illegal and unethical. Then the scandal broke and news came forth that the Obama Administration had indeed unlawfully listened into calls of then Prime Minister Bruce Golding.

Edward Snowden
I do not agree with any head of state anywhere in the world illegally wiretapping another. International law dictates that one cannot wiretap a person in a foreign nation without the expressed consent of the justice department of said nation, as it will violate the laws of the country in question. No justice department in the world is going to grant another nation the legal right to wiretap their head of state. It's just not done. When such an international incident occurs and it does happen, there is no legal foundation for such conduct.

Obama needs to clean up the NSA and its sister agency the FBI. The expansive, illegal surveillance of Americans and foreigners is costing America a fortune, which could be better used to help the poor and homeless, send many American students to university on scholarship, repair roads and bridges, restore great grant programs at the Small Business Association and give financial subsidies to Americans seeking to buy homes (those were great programs and the reason homeownership and business ownership was so high during the Clinton years). This would be a better use of the tens of billions of dollars per year the illegal surveillance is costing the U.S. taxpayers.

The Judiciary Report does not oppose the use of legal wiretapping, GPS tracking, bank account scanning and subpoenaing emails, files and documents of lawbreakers, to aide the Justice Department in building and prosecuting cases against real criminals, such as organized crime outfits, financial fraudsters and those engaging in violence or sex crimes against members of the public. However, illegally spying on millions of innocent Americans and citizens in foreign countries is unlawful domestically and internationally.