Friday, October 25, 2013

TLC's T-Boz Slams Former Female Associates Pebbles And Crystal Jones As Scorned Heifers


Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins of the music duo TLC did a scandalous radio interview this week on the "Big Tigger Show." The musical act's biopic "CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story" caused a firestorm and a world of hatred for the group's creator and former manager, Pebbles, who has threatened to sue, stating she is being slandered. Days prior to T-Boz's most recent interview, the founding member of TLC, Crystal Jones, who was booted for allegedly not signing the contracts and being unable to sing, did a radio interview stating the movie contains lies and inaccuracies. 

T-Boz was angry on the "Big Tigger Show" stating Pebbles and Jones need to "get over it." The exact quote is, "So Crystal, I would be mad if I got kicked out of my own group too and TLC blew up. I would have some harbored feelings so I understand her, so sorry...She put out our movie, trying to sabotage it...with a code and put it on the internet...It’s no need for all that...I’ve apologized for the way things went down...I did bring Pebbles to the table...the way me and Lisa handled it may have not been the best...but I’m not at 43 after saying sorry gonna talk about some mess...All these scorned heffas need to get over it...pray about it and get over it!"


T-Boz further stated regarding Pebbles, "The one thing you can’t take from her, we’ve always said, she helped us out so much...She did a lot for our career and that you can’t take....but if you’re telling a story and it’s even 20 years ago...You can’t tell someone how they’re perceived situations from their end…how they felt. That doesn’t take away the good that you did...We’re telling a story of what we’re 19, 20 and that’s exactly what happened...No I didn’t appreciate paying a million dollars per name...There are certain things we don’t have to like...You move on from certain people...I’m not a bitter person...I let things go and I move on..."

But that's just it. T-Boz hasn't "let go" as she claims. T-Boz and fellow group member Rozanda "Chilli" Thomas have rehashed everything for the movie and conducted mean interviews to drum up interest in the biopic. I understand the group has differences with Pebbles, but they need to bear in mind, she is now an ordained minister, so going on television and radio mocking and insulting her, in conduct that has encouraged people to call her the "devil" and spouting death threats in her direction is not good.


TLC has people cursing at and threatening a minister, following their lead with the abusive speech. You are now officially disrespecting, insulting and verbally abusing a preacher. It looks bad. There is a way to handle your differences without resulting to making nasty insults about a preacher. You can state your opinion saying we felt she did this wrong or could have done that better or we were cheated. But calling a preacher a "heifer" among other insults, is wrong. I will never support that.

Pebbles for her part posted on Twitter, "Thank you for your support. I’m proud of our legacy at Pebbitone and look forward to sharing my story. Love y’all." She needs to tell her side of the story. Everyone involved should have a chance to say their piece.