Friday, October 25, 2013

Court Rejects Dwyane Wade’s Motion For His Ex-Wife To Face Mental Evaluation

Siohvaughn Wade

Siohvaughn Wade, the ex-wife of Miami Heat basketball star, Dwyane Wade scored a victory in court, as his formal request for her to be subjected to mental examination was denied. The court ruled Siohvaugh's mentally unbalanced public displays, such as laying on the ground in front of a courthouse in Chicago, Illinois with a deceitful sign claiming she is homeless thanks to Dwyane, was not just cause to force a psych exam.

Dwyane Wade and sons Zion and Zaire 

The Judiciary Report wholeheartedly disagrees with this decision. Siohvaughn is showing all the signs of mental illness, which could pose a serious risk to the former couple's two minor children.

Siohvaughn's visits with their children should be supervised, as she is on a spite spree against her ex-husband and if she is in the wrong frame of mind, one day the children could be endangered.


Court Rejects Dwyane Wade's Request for Mental Evaluation on Ex-Wife

Posted: 10/24/2013 08:45 AM EDT - Dwyane Wade's bid to get sole custody of his two sons just got a little bit harder. A Miami court rejected the NBA star's request to have his ex-wife SiohvaughnFunches mentally evaluated. The court found that Funches' erratic display in front of a Chicago courthouse over the summer — during which she staged a videotaped protest over the couple's financial settlement — is insufficient grounds to order the evaluation...

Wade’s lawyers used the protest to allege that Funches is mentally unstable and a danger to others to support their attempt to limit her interaction with her sons. Rather, Funches was a woman "passionately voicing her views," the court's opinion reads. To make matters worse for Wade, the appeals court also ordered the judge on the case, Antonio Marin, removed for his siding with Wade and denying Funches "the most basic right of due process."...