Saturday, September 28, 2013

The NSA Illegally Accessing VISA To Spy On People Confirms The Site's Previous Claims



This month a new scandal erupted regarding the NSA spying scandal, which the Judiciary Report's sister site the the Sound Off Column broke first. The latest scandal involves the public revelation that the NSA has been accessing Visa and Swift Networks, spying on the public's financial transactions.

However, the Judiciary Report and the Sound Off Column have stated for years that the FBI and its sister agency the NSA (who share information and surveillance data among each other) have been spying on the public's financial transactions and credit reports, which includes Visa and SWIFT (see article links below).

Some in government would rather have you believe a writer like me is paranoid or using my imagination as I do with authoring copyrighted movie scripts, songs and books (among other things). However, sorry to state, the Judiciary Report's articles and those published on its sister site, the Sound Off Column, are not works of fiction, as attested by many site exclusives which later proved true.

We are living in a police state (with NSA and FBI spying having gone global, a police world) which I found out the hard way after my interactions with the untrustworthy, treacherous FBI several years ago. Privacy is a myth. This conduct is wholly illegal. You know what's worse, some of the worst things they are doing hasn't even come out yet.