Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kim Kardashian Goes Blonde And Wants To Pose For Playboy

Kim Kardashian's new look doesn't suit her. The combination of the botox, lip injections and blonde hair makes her look older than her age. Kardashian was prettier without all the cosmetic work.

New mother, Kim Kardashian, has died her raven tresses blonde and is getting a body makeover, in trying to pose for Playboy, which is a bad idea. Pregnancy brought out Kardashian's insecurities about her body and she now seeks to prove to herself she's still got it, but stripping in Playboy, when she has a young daughter to raise, sets a negative example.

With her mom Kris Jenner, desperate to keep the family's name out in the public, after the unceremonious cancellation of her heavily panned, short run talk show, Kim will be push out front again for publicity, in a bid to keep the family's faltering reality shows going.