Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is The Game's Fiancée Correct Stating He Needs To Change On 'Marrying The Game'

Tiffany Cambridge and rapper The Game

The reality series "Marrying The Game" features Compton, California rapper The Game, his fiancee, school teacher, Tiffany Cambridge and their children. The two have been engaged but Cambridge gave him the ring back after he left to do a show for the weekend and took an attractive female assistant with him. When he returned home, she and his kids had moved out of his house, upsetting him.

Cambridge states he needs to change. But is she correct in her assessment that he needs to change? Yes sir. The Game is a rapper and they are prone to cheating. Make it worse he is a good looking rapper, which means women will flock to him even more. Some women who chase celebrities do so for their money and fame, but with the Game's his looks women will bed him for free (Cambridge, you better watch him). However, he has responsibilities regarding his children and an obligation to Cambridge, whom he asked to marry him.

If she asks you not to go away for the weekend with a female assistant, you don't do it. End of story. No woman could feel good about that. You have roots with this woman. She is the mother of your children, the woman you wanted to marry from the day you met her. Show her that love and respect.