Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Washington Navy Yard Killer More Proof That Schizophrenics Should Not Own Guns

An armed police office standards guard over the Washington Navy Yard after deadly shooting

34-year-old Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis was a schizophrenic man who shot and killed 12 people this week in Washington, D.C. and wounded others, before being shot and killed by police. The 12 people he killed were between the ages of 50-73. It is the second deadliest military base shooting, behind Fort Hood. Investigations into the incident reveal Alexis was mentally ill. He was officially diagnosed as schizophrenic, receiving treatment through the Navy.

Aaron Alexis

However, Alexis was able to purchase a 12-guage shot gun and ammunition for $540, in spite of background checks (much like the Virginia Tech mass shooting). Alexis also had a history of violence, regarding incidents that involved guns. What is even stranger is Alexis, with his mental history, has security clearance which granted him access to classified documents at the Department of Defense.

 Nidal Hasan

It is being reported Alexis was a "Thai speaking Buddhist" who was "not happy with America" struggling with money problems. Kristi Suthamtewkal, a friend of Alexis stated to NBC News, "He was tired of dealing with the government." She also stated, "I knew he was not happy with America and he felt slighted as a veteran and he was ready to move out of the country."