Friday, August 30, 2013

What It Means When A Man Doesn't Claim His Girlfriend Online

Saw this pic on Twitter...

Netiquette dictates a lot of things, such as you don't flirt with someone who is already in the relationship, via tweets on Twitter, posts on Instagram or Facebook. People get angry when others like and compliment their significant other online, which is understandable in most case. However, in some cases it is plain ludicrous and ridiculous - such as men who hide the fact they have someone and or are living in sin with someone.

Then the woman gets angry at other chicks online wrongly thinking the individual is single and trying to pursue a relationship with them. They start demanding answers as to why other women keep tweeting him. Demanding he delete certain tweets. Noting the page of the attractive women that showed him any attention and repeatedly checking their social networking pages. In some cases the hidden girlfriend (make that plural as in "girlfriends") will register online just to tell off and get back at an unsuspecting woman for simply publicly speaking to the man online.

First of all, if a man won't claim you online (especially without being forced), it's because he's embarrassed, thinks he can do better than you and or is cheating. Even if you are living in sin with him, it doesn't mean it's love. Some women finagle their way into a man's place, determined to move in trying to mark territory, but have no real place in his heart, not realizing they are living with him as on premises sex and nothing more. There out of convenience. 

At the end of the day, people need to be honest with themselves and those in their lives. Don't play games with people, because it is not how you would want to be treated in life.