Friday, June 28, 2013

Trayvon Martin Death Photos Released (Photos)

Trayvon Martin after being shot and killed by George Zimmerman

Heartbreaking photos of 17-year-old murder victim Trayvon Martin have been released and they are terribly sad. The photos show the innocent teen's lifeless body laying on the grass, after unjustifiably being killed by neighborhood patrol watchman George Zimmerman. As the murder trial moves forward in Florida, some have publicly expressed their concerns justice will not be served.

Martin's lifeless body at the crime scene

At the end of the day, Zimmerman violated neighborhood, police and 911 rules in pursuing Martin, confronting and then killing the teen, after offensively demanding to know, "What are you doing around here?" How is one to take that, as it is a rude, ill-mannered, accusatory question to ask someone walking in their family's neighborhood. He had a right to be there. He was not trespassing.

Gunshot wound to the chest that killed Martin

Regardless of your views on race, a boy was gunned down before he even came of age, at the hands of a paranoid, suspicious, trigger happy man who disobeyed the orders of those in authority, to recklessly pursue his victim. Martin owed him no explanation, as he is not the police and the average cop would not have acted in the corrupt, careless manner Zimmerman did, gunning down an unarmed teen simply trying to find his way home.

Memorial for Martin 

No one, black, white, Hispanic, Asian or Indian deserves to be killed in the manner Martin was and it has set a terrible precedent in the State of Florida and America, which could lead to repeated acts of similar violence if Zimmerman is found not guilty. Last year it was Martin, tomorrow it could be your loved one - black or white - and no one wants that. Don't take society in this direction.