Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Retaliation Whistle Blowers Face From Washington (Video)

Jesseyln Radack of the Government Accountability Project did an insightful interview regarding the NSA spying scandal, in what whistle blowers like Edward Snowden face for simply telling the truth about government law breaking. Many whistle blowers and journalists, who speak out against government misconduct are targeted by the FBI, Homeland Security, the NSA, IRS and Social Security, in acts and illegal neutralization initiatives coming straight from the top in Washington.

President Barack Obama (front) Attorney General Eric Holder (back left) and FBI Director Robert S. Mueller (right) 

Radack also highlights the fact innocent people in America have been stigmatized and violated by illegal government spying, usually reserved for terrorists and spies, but now being employed against innocent Americans for unlawful political reasons. In essence, for the government to target innocent Americans in violation of the constitution, is an act of treason against the people that is also defamatory in nature.