Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Teen Rapper Chief Keef Arrested Again This Time For Trespassing As Murder Investigation Lingers

Chief Keef smoking weed

17-year-old Chicago rapper, Chief Keef, has been arrested again. Police in Chicago, Illinois have him under tight surveillance and have arrested him for everything from gun possession to heroin distribution to speeding. Keef even repeatedly pointed a gun at police while running from them on one occasion.

Chief Keef became a millionaire signing a record deal at age 16

Therefore, police in Illinois have him off for said illegal conduct, which resulted in house arrest, as he is a minor. His latest arrest came hours after he pled guilty to speeding. Keef, real name, Keith Mozart, was detained again by police for trespassing...four blocks from the courthouse his speeding hearing was held in.

Police dashboard surveillance tape from Chief Keef speeding arrest

The most serious allegations looming over Keef is murder. The mother of slain local rapper, Joseph 'Lil JoJo' Coleman, states Keef paid to have him murdered in an act of gang violence. Keef mocked Coleman's death on Twitter but deleted the tweet shortly after.