Friday, June 14, 2013

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller Slammed Online Over His Comments In Congress On NSA Spying And IRS Harassment Scandals (Videos)

A Sickly And Displaced Looking Mueller Makes Appearance In Congress

An angry American public has been tearing FBI Director Robert S. Mueller to shreds online over his poor performance in the U.S. Congress, when questioned about the current IRS and NSA scandals dominating news headlines. Some members of Congress threw softball questions at Mueller.

However, others ripped him a new one in what constituted some of the most explosive exchanges between the disgraced director and the legislature. Mueller is being mocked and derided all over the internet.

Mueller came across as incompetent, inept, confused and bumbling during the hearing. For instance, he claimed he did not know a number of pertinent facts on various issues he is supposed to be abreast of as head of the FBI. One of his most derided claims was due to Mueller stating he did not know what "BOLO" meant. In law enforcement circles "BOLO" stands for "Be on the lookout."

Mueller also told Congress he does not know who is investigating the IRS scandal, regarding the International Revenue Service targeting and harassing conservatives, Christians and journalists. However, a number of press reports over the past few weeks have indicated, based on information from Congress, the FBI is supposed to be investigating the matter.


A few members of Congress also brought up the Boston Marathon terrorist attack, regarding the FBI ignoring a credible tip directly from the Russian government, warning that now deceased bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev is a terrorist plotting jihad (he went on to commit the atrocity against innocent citizens of Boston).

It was revealed the FBI did no proper investigative work into the matter, because if they had done so, they would have discovered Tsarnaev's mosque was founded by a convicted terrorist, who is currently in prison on terrorism charges. The head of the FBI simply stated, "We visited the mosque."

Regarding NSA spying, which the FBI is apart of, Mueller stated any activities engaged in regarding national security is permissible, which is an outright lie, as illegal surveillance, among other things, is a violation of the Constitution. If the program was legal and in line with the Constitution, it would not have been a secret from the American people.

Mueller leaves the FBI in a few months and in disgrace. Beginning in 2006, I repeatedly warned online about this man and his crooked agenda, after being interviewed by the FBI in Miami in 2005 and seeing their practices. He is one of the worst things that ever happened to America and as the scandals continue to break, this fact will become undeniably evident.  

In closing, to bring home Mueller's warped view of justice, he stated in Congress yesterday, "There are many number of occasions where we have probable cause or facts that would purport to establish probable cause to charge someone with something and we do not." Corrupt!