Monday, September 3, 2012

Usher’s Ex-Wife Files Appeal In Custody Case Citing Judicial Corruption

Tameka Foster and Usher Raymond before their divorce

Tameka Foster, the ex-wife of singer Usher, has filed an appeal in her custody case, citing judicial corruption, which led to the judge, Bensonetta Tipton Lane, awarding the star custody of the former couple’s two young children. Foster was devastated.

As stated previously, Foster has cited the fact Raymond’s lawyers contributed and raised $25,000 towards the judge’s reelection campaign. This, she now states, is a conflict of interests, especially given the outcome of the case. The Judiciary Report has experience in this area, as in two separate cases to do with the same matter, judges completely corrupted the judicial system in favor of celebrities they were finically attached to or worked for in past employment.

Under such circumstances, judges should automatically recuse themselves, to avoid the appearance of corruption and save taxpayer money. In Foster’s case, the judge did show her some mercy in reinstating the luxury Saks Fifth Avenue credit card on Usher's account that she so coveted, reimbursement of nanny fees and other related expenses, as well as most importantly granting her some visitation rights. However, she awarded primary custody to Usher.


Usher and girlfriend Grace Miguel

The Judiciary Report prides itself on being fair. Yes, the judge should have recused herself due to the conflict of interest, but under the circumstances, the judge was fair to Foster. The problem is Foster’s mental instability and open acts of violence and threats of grievous bodily injury.

Personally, I’m not a fan of Usher or Foster. Frankly, I’m even less fond of Usher, due to his corrupt business dealings in the music industry that warrant a formal federal inquiry. But Foster’s issues regarding the marriage are far more serious than Usher’s due to her violent temperament.

At the end of the day, Foster has the right to not want her kids around Usher’s adulteress girlfriend, who she sees as her nemesis, Gracie Miguel. But Foster has to realize, being violent will alarm anyone and work against her, especially if she is to be responsible for the welfare of minor children. She wasn’t thinking when she started acting out in rage.