Monday, September 3, 2012

Chris Lightly’s Death Is A Morbid Look Into Hollywood’s Mental Instability

Chris Lightly

Two weeks ago, movie director Tony Scott killed himself by jumping off a bridge in Los Angeles. Last week music industry manager and record label owner, Chris Lightly, committed suicide in New York, with a bullet to the head at his 5-story Bronx home.

Lightly had a hand in the careers of such recording artists as Mariah Carey, Sean Coombs (Diddy) and LL Cool J. His former friend and colleague, executive Shakir Stewart, also killed himself in 2008 via a bullet to the head, which is inadvisable and spiritually wrong. Both Lightly and Shakir were affiliated with a Hollywood cult that believes they are the illuminati and had become mentally unstable.

The death count in Hollywood keeps rising. If it is not sinful suicide, it is drug overdoses or some fame and partying induced physical illness that shaves years off their lives. As the Judiciary Report has stated before, Hollywood is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, where the denizens break the law, steal and live and party too hard and die fast from their poor choices.