Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The FBI And Civil Rights In America

A Look At The Agency's Track Record

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has failed to protect civil rights and civil liberties in America. These deliberate failures constitute human rights abuses that are violations of domestic and international law.
The agency frequently spies on innocent Americans, via illegal GPS, wiretaps, email hacking, computer hacking via their specially designed CIPAV Trojan that often acts as malware, interfering with the integrity of computer systems and processes.

Investigative reports and congressional hearings have discovered many have been illegally spied on by the FBI and in very insidious ways, who had committed no crime. In some instances, the FBI upped the ante and contacted friends and relatives of the people they illegal spy on asking them not to have any contact with the person anymore, flat out lying to them about their friend or loved one, in sick psychological games intended to emotionally and mentally destroy those the agency targets. That’s pretty foul, sick and evil by anyone’s standards.

The agency is very averse to free speech and free press, having been caught red-handed targeted, terrorizing and persecuting innocent journalists. The FBI has also targeted scientists for telling the truth about inappropriate and unethical behavior the government has engaged in against the public, harmful to their health.

The FBI has also failed to keep Americans safe on many occasions, where it was ground they had advance information on forthcoming attacks and did nothing to stop them. Instances include September 11th, Fort Hood, terrorist attacks in Britain that killed dozens, August 2012 mass murders at Wisconsin Sikh temple, Christmas 2009 attempted bombing of a Detroit airliner foiled by passengers and the murders and assaults of abortion clinic doctors and workers, to name a few.

If a corporation failed as much as the FBI did it would be bankrupt, out of business and sued by many shareholders for reckless behavior. Yet, the FBI keeps getting more and more money from Congress to fail more and more. However, when they fail, it’s not just money lost. It’s lives lost as well.