Monday, July 16, 2012

Usher Sued Again For Copyright Infringement Over Stealing Song

Usher (right) wearing a Kabbalah cult bracelet
Sony Music singer Usher has been sued for once again stealing other people's music. Previously, Usher was exposed for stealing music from the television show "The Simpsons." Usher was also sued twice for stealing other people's music and taking credit and payment for him, gardening him awards that are undeserved. He's even brazenly stolen music from a famous artist in another country. Usher has also been connected with online claims by a known musician who publicly stated his protégé Justin Bieber was given credit for writing music that had already been written and copyrighted by said female songwriter. 

This time around, a Florida man named Aubrey Davis, who performs under the moniker, DJ Mixx, has sued Usher for copyright infringement. According to TMZ, DJ Mixx, copyrighted a beat titled "Let's Go" and shopped it around the music industry, looking for lyricist to work with him. DJ Mixx states Usher re-copyrighted the beat, which is a crime, under his name and added lyrics to it, renaming it "Hey Daddy" for his flopped "Raymond vs. Raymond" CD.

Usher Raymond 
Previously, the Judiciary Report wrote about an uncreative producer who is well-known in Atlanta, who simply takes song submissions out of his office's mail and criminally infringes them, giving the tracks new titles and changing a few lines, then re-copyrighting it in his name. 

He collects all the money (millions) and credit for other people's work, via this illegal practice and has even won Grammys for being a total fraud and criminal. This producer and his partner are affiliated with Usher. The Judiciary Report was told this information years ago by a songwriter/musician, who had dealings with a close relative of the producer, who was in a famous music group. I also met one of his cousin's who is a preacher and she is very disappointed regarding the producer's philandering conduct. That's the entertainment industry for you.